Message from Mr. Kenichi Tashi(Managing Director).

     Our company is a company that makes the best use of the experience and the knowhow that has been cultivated as a washing machine manufacturer in Japan over many years, and came into existence as the first step to develop globally.

     Cooperation is managed in three bases (Japan, Thailand, Chaina) now and the product and service are developed originally.

     Our business concept is "Engineering", "Solution", and we are doing the business operation located closely to the customer.

     We are offering equipment corresponding to "Improvement of the quality", "Improvement of the factory", and "Reduction in expenditure" in the production line.

     Moreover, I will hear customer's true opinion and support the manufacturing like the demand correspondence and the problem solution etc. in total. Please contact our company when embarrassing it.

     Mr. Kenichi Tashi : Managing Director said. Our goal the company recognizes that the Customer is the main factor of business. Subsequently, the company realizes the customer satisfaction as the main point, and develop every activities of the company to attain the customer satisfaction.

     The company is the manufacturer of cleaning machine that emphasize on continuously quality development of the products by marking the analysis improving the production factors and promotion the research and development on many activities for gretting the quality products and are acceptable to the markets. That ensures, every customer will be receives the high quality of product and service mind (before and after sale service).

And as always, your feedback and comment are very much appreciated.

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